The new
all-in-one solution for live video escape rooms.

All the features you expect in a world-class inventory system.

Live Synchronization

Content instantly appears on all player screens, whether it was unlocked by a player or by the gamemaster remotely.

Easy Customization

Upload files, create content, set hotspots, and preview the player experience yourself online.  You’re in control and can make changes anytime!

Mobile or Desktop

Mofang One games automatically adjust their interface to look great on any device.  Players can use a phone, tablet or desktop and pick their favorite view (filmstrip, gallery, or list).

Plus unique features to set your game apart from the crowd.

Electronic Prop Integration

Connect your electronic props to Mofang One, and let players remote control props – or unlock content in their inventory when real-life events happen.  Secure and easy to configure without any network changes.  If your control system supports MQTT, you may not even need to write any code!

Immersive Full-Screen Content

Inspired by old-school adventure games, Mofang One supports linking of hotspots in full screen panoramas and images to create a “virtual tour”.  You can even embed interactive experiences and bring teams together at critical moments with videos that help tell your story.

Pre- and Post-Game Lobby

Recreate some of the magic of an in-person experience with a custom lobby, helping players familiarize themselves with your backstory and rewarding them with downloadable digital content after they play.

From an experienced team ready to support you.

Made with love in Seattle by enthusiasts.

Hi from the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA – we’re excited to meet you!  

We’ve been building technology for rich, immersive puzzle experiences for 15 years, including Puzzle Hunt and The Game events – long before the first escape room was even conceived!  We built our first online puzzle inventory system for live events in 2011 and have been a full-time escape room consultancy since 2016.  We’re also seasoned puzzle enthusiasts who’ve traveled the world to play!

Before founding Mo Fang Heavy Industries, Ben Andrews was a senior software engineer at a major Seattle area company building mobile phones and game consoles.  We’re pleased to bring that experience and spirit of professionalism to the broader escape room community with Mofang One.

Learn more about our background and why we launched the Mofang One online effort here.

Built on a proven platform.

Our software powers top escape room experiences across the country, including Locurio’s Top Escape Rooms Project award-winning online game The Vanishing Act!

Excited to get started?

To reserve your place in line for an invitation, please fill our our interest form, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Want to skip the queue?  From now through the end of 2021, owners of a BAC V controller from Escape Room Techs are eligible to use Mofang One completely free!  To redeem this offer, please contact with your BAC serial number.


Mofang One is currently available in our Go Live program, which provides personalized engineering support for our first customers as they adopt our inventory system.  We’re rapidly building features and responding to feedback from our first customers to make the product better for everyone!

We will be rapidly onboarding additional customers in the coming days;  please register to receive an invitation when more spots become available!

Our service is priced at a simple flat rate per paid game;  see our Pricing page for details.  This charge only applies to games where customers pay you to participate, so you can run as many playtests as necessary to perfect your game before incurring any charges.

We chose this pricing model because we know that during the current economic situation, every dollar matters to your survival – so we wanted a low barrier to entry that aligns our interests so we only get paid when you do.

Connecting your props to Mofang One is easy in many situations!  If you’re using a game control software package that supports MQTT – a common protocol for connecting devices together – you may even be able to connect without writing any code. 

If you’re already using an Arduino with Ethernet shield or another compatible device like the Bad Ass Controller from Escape Room Techs, we have sample code you can integrate to get up and running quickly by adding just a few library calls to your existing sketch.

If none of that makes sense, don’t worry!  We offer comprehensive consulting services and can work together with you to find a cost-effective way to retrofit connectivity into your existing game.

Yes!  We’ve compiled a blog post with a list of our favorite products and recommendations to help you get ready to host a live video escape room:  Suggested Equipment for Live Video Escape Rooms

We also offer consulting services to help you with all aspects of launching your escape room experience!  For more information, see our Pricing page or e-mail us at .

Mofang (魔方) is the Chinese word for a “magic cube” (the toy we know as a Rubik’s Cube.)  In the speed cube solving community, the cubes made in China are widely known to be the fastest and most reliable versions available.

We wanted a name related to puzzles and quality, and we liked that Mofang also is a bit of a puzzle at first glance itself.  Just remember us as the puzzle consultancy with the funky name!

We’d love to hear from you and start a conversation about what you want to build with Mofang One!  Please reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you very soon – we’re real people who care very much about your escape room’s success and love talking about the business, and we’ll do everything within our power to help you succeed!

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