Feature List

All the basics you expect.

Fully-featured Inventory System

  • Panoramas, images, videos, audio, rich text content, downloadable PDFs and external links all supported
  • Codes can be submitted by players or magically activated by the game master from a phone
  • Multiple views allow players to choose how they prefer to organize their content
  • Intuitive online designer lets you create and customize your game yourself – you can even drag and drop to create hotspots
  • Flexible event model allows one code or trigger to have multiple side effects, including scripted sequences of unlocks or cleanups of old content
  • View a full history of every action the players have taken, and undo to any checkpoint in case of accidental unlocks

Responsive Design

  • Fast and beautiful on phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Newly unlocked content appears instantly without the need to refresh on all players’ screens
  • Customizable player experience to match your game’s branding
  • Works great for teams of any size

Plus unique features that set your game apart.

Fully-featured Inventory System

  • Out-of-the-box solution for integrating with your existing electronic props over the network
  • Players can trigger events in your game space by clicking on hotspots or submitting unlock codes
  • Props in your game space can unlock content, videos and sound effects on your players’ screens
  • Fully secure architecture based on industry standards – no firewall changes or complicated network configuration required
  • Arduino sample code provided on GitHub for connecting to our service

More Immersion for Players

  • Link fullscreen views together with a navigation stack to create a rich adventure game-like experience
  • Embed HTML5/Javascript interactive games that can trigger events and unlock content
  • Bring teams together at critical points in the story with popup videos
  • Recreate your room’s atmosphere by playing sound effects and background music through the browser in high fidelity

Game Rooms with a Pre- and Post-game Lobby

  • Improve your online customer service by simulating your full in person experience
  • One-click password free secure join link
  • Easy button for players to join videoconference
  • Present content before the game to provide background, rules, and more
  • Allow players to linger after the game to reflect on their game history, download digital rewards and review their experience

With world class support.

Benefit from Our Experience

  • Backed by a team that’s been building puzzle event software since 2007, and built on the same core technology behind top real world experiences, including Locurio’s award-winning The Storykeeper
  • Designed for maximum availability and reliability
    • Hosted in the cloud by top service providers
    • Every game gets its own private instance of the service for peak performance
    • Plan timing for upgrades to new versions of the service so games are not interrupted by maintenance

Support Plans Available

  • Basic community support for Mofang One is included for all customers free of charge.
  • Rapid Start – a personalized, turnkey package of assistance helping you quickly making the transition online for only $149
    • If you don’t want to build your game online yourself, we can help!  
    • Send us your art assets and documentation of your desired game flow, and we’ll handle all the setup in the software for you.  
    • Just log in and start inviting guests!
  • Comprehensive consulting support available for all aspects of converting your experience to an online format
    • Puzzle experience review and analysis to prepare your game content for an online transition
    • Personalized assistance to help connect your existing electronic props to Mofang One
    • Suggested hardware list for video broadcasting, photography and networking, and assistance with setup and installation
    • Custom development of web versions of your puzzles to bring the interactive magic back
    • Analytics of historical data from past games to identify areas of improvement for the player experience
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