Mo Fang Heavy Industries LLC is a boutique production firm focused on building custom electronic solutions for escape room props and effects.  With over ten years of experience in specialty hardware and software design for puzzles, we are equipped with the skills and expertise to help you turn your dream into reality.

We’ve been around for quite a while, but you may not recognize our company by name – so as a bit of an introduction: our founder has been building puzzle tech for well over a decade and has been in the escape room industry since 2015, when he left his job as a game-console developer at Microsoft to become a full-time consultant.  We’ve been helping folks with Arduino and ESP8266-based prop builds for years, and our software platform is behind several rooms we’re really proud of – including Locurio’s Top Escape Rooms Project award-winning game The Storykeeper.

Most recently, we had the privilege of meeting many of you last fall at Transworld in San Antonio – for anyone who was there, we had a fun 80’s themed escape-room-in-a-booth demonstrating our new plug-and-play escape room control appliance.  At the time, we couldn’t have anticipated that just as we’d be ready for general availability this spring, a crisis would upend our industry…

Our hometown of Seattle was one of the first places affected by the pandemic, and we were inspired by the creativity of everyone here adapting their business on short notice.  (Our fanciest restaurant, Canlis, even pivoted to become a bagel stand and online bingo parlor!)  In that spirit, we started a project to help our customers’ businesses survive and adapt to the changing environment by taking our proven software platform and hosting it in the cloud along with an all-new online design experience.

We’re firm believers that online games aren’t just a short term fad – we believe they’re a new format that will stick around long after the pandemic is over.  Many escape room owners face the dual challenges of a limited local market and difficulty selling unpopular weekday timeslots – and marketing outside your geographic region helps solve both of these issues.  As enthusiasts, we’ve also just had a lot of fun playing rooms we’d never get to visit in person, and we plan to continue that for a long time to come!

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