We’ve created a special underwater-themed puzzle event to demonstrate some of the unique features of Mofang One.  Enjoy the single-player version here, hosted in a static web page for your convenience so you can play anytime without scheduling a time slot.  Then, stop by our booth to see a live demo of the multiplayer version hosted in Mofang One with drag and drop puzzles, 3D content, collaboration challenges and more!

Whether you’re a room owner thinking about taking your game virtual, or just an enthusiast who just loves puzzles, we’d love for you to take a few minutes and try our conference-exclusive experience.

As an added incentive, we’re offering free wallet-sized code cards to all US participants, while supplies last. 

Just begin the game to reveal the giveaway form!  Then, complete the game, and you’ll be entered to win one of our DIY electronic memory game kits.  Once you’re done enjoying the classic gameplay, you can even use it to upgrade an Arduino-based prop to communicate with Mofang One!

*For giveaway and contest terms and conditions, please click here.

Inspired by the unique constraints of 2020, Mofang One is a new all-in-one solution for hosting live video escape rooms. With all the basics you’d expect in a world-class inventory system, plus a variety of special features your players will love, Mofang One elevates your online experience and recaptures the magic of an in-person escape room for participants.

Some of our most exciting features include:

  • Electronic Prop Integration – use MQTT or HTTP to securely connect your existing game control system so players can interact with props from anywhere in the world – no router configuration or complex networking required!
  • Drag and Drop Puzzle Scenes – create elaborate drag and drop puzzles that allow players to manipulate pieces remotely to trigger events, all without writing a line of code.  With snapping, constraints, and blending modes, our Scenes feature allows you to replicate a wide variety of popular puzzle types.
  • Role-based Access Control – assign players distinct roles so each participant sees unique content, allowing you to build team collaboration challenges that are well-suited to remote play
  • Fullscreen Media – display videos, clickable images, panoramas and more in an immersive full-screen experience that brings players together at key moments in the game.
  • Shared State – every action a player takes is shown live to their teammates, so the entire team always stays in sync.
  • Player Lobbies – recreate the experience of your real-life lobby by offering players backstory, digital bonus items, and post-game followups to encourage reviews and social media sharing.
  • 3D Models – Upload 3D models in GLTB format that players can examine from every angle.
  • Private Servers – each Mofang One customer receives their own unique instance of our cloud service, so you have resources dedicated just for your game and choose when to upgrade software at your convenience.  Your game data is also backed up across multiple cloud providers for redundancy.
  • Puzzle Library – add popular props from your favorite vendors, like Cryptex® Security Boxes, from a pre-created library with high fidelity artwork.  [Coming Soon!]
  • Content Delivery Network – all of your game assets are stored on a distributed network of servers close to your players, so even large images and panoramas load with lightning speed.  [Coming Soon!]

Sign up today for our Go Live! program to receive conference-exclusive pricing and personalized support with onboarding your escape room!

We’ll be demonstrating Mofang One throughout the weekend in our Discord booth at #104-mofang-one – stop by for a live demo and to see if our product might be right for your game!

We’re not just a software vendor – we’re also a consulting company with more than 15 years of experience building story-integrated, artfully concealed puzzle technology through custom software and hardware.

With a portfolio that includes the magic behind experiences like Locurio’s The Storykeepera two-time Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiast’s Choice Award winning escape room – we’re well equipped to help with your latest project.

Are you considering an online transition for your brick-and-mortar experience?  Do you have a new story or game format you’d like to bring to life with technology, but you don’t know where to start?  Have questions about DIY electronics, or just need a little help debugging your Arduino code?  Curious whether you should use reed switches or Hall Effect sensors?  Come say hello and let us help! 

All discussions during RECON 2020 are free and come with no obligation to work with us after the conference, so take advantage of this limited-time opportunity!