The Mo Fang Heavy Industries DIY Memory Game Kit is a custom-designed circuit board for building simple pocket games. It contains five WS2812 LEDs and five push buttons, perfect for acting as a simple directional pad or to implement a classic color-based sequence memory game.

The kit comes with an ESP-8266 microcontroller – the only assembly step required is to plug in the microcontroller and power it up with a Micro USB cable. The ESP-8266 is a highly capable Arduino-compatible microcontroller, with 2.4ghz 802.11b/g Wi-Fi built in and 4MB of flash storage.

In addition to the game components, the card also contains a 4 pin TTL serial header. This header can be used to interface with an existing Arduino-based prop, so the ESP8266 can be used as a Serial to Wi-Fi gateway. We provide example firmware that allows the card to relay serial messages to an MQTT server, making it very easy to connect existing already-built props to a cloud system like Mofang One.

These cards are a limited production run and are not currently available for sale – the only current way to obtain one is through our Mofang One Launch Puzzle Hunt contest at RECON 2020!